Training and Mentoring

Many businesses we work with have little or no in-house marketing resource, which is of course the key driver in being asked to work with them!

FG Marketing has considerable experience of mentoring individuals so that they can then develop into an in-house marketing resource for a business. Likewise, we also run a variety of training programmes to engage with teams to develop their understanding of the benefits of marketing so they can positively introduce elements into their own day to day work.

We have successfully mentored a whole range of individuals over the years, some of whom are now Marketing Managers, others who did not even consider Marketing to be a career path they would follow.

It is extremely rewarding to see others start to develop their creativity and ideas and allows us to pass on our passion for marketing too.

Likewise, we’ve seen excellent buy-in from many different sales and operations led individuals who didn’t see any value in marketing, but now they definitely do!

If you would like to discover how we can share our marketing knowledge and at the same time, achieve a better ROI on marketing spend within your organisation, please contact us to find out more.

Emma has recently provided marketing support for our business including: copy writing; staff training; website support; printed marketing assistance and support with advertising jobs online. I have found her to be extremely personable and helpful, with a passion for brand awareness and brand promotion. She uses efficient tools for streamlined communication and team work, making collaboration simple and effective. Her staff training was excellent and well received by our team. I would be happy to work with Emma again in the future.

Pamela Lloyd
Science Solutions Recruitment

It was great working with Emma. She really took the time to explain her vast knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry with me, relating to both recruitment and wider sector knowledge. She was fantastic answering my many questions and always took the time to explain things to me. Apart from that she's hilarious and a blast to work with! I'd highly recommend her for any marketing projects where she can use her knowledge and creativity!

Monopoly Christiaan-Rakus
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare recruitment consultant at Park Street People

When all aspects of marketing were out of my comfort zone Emma took the time to guide me through the process from idea gathering to execution and was a consummate professional every step of the way whilst treating me like a human being!

Deborah Hale
Deborah Hale, Managing Director, Recruitment Industry

Emma has a wealth of skills and experience and she really helped to give me the confidence to take on the new challenges within a marketing role. Emma was a great person to learn from, as not only does she have a huge amount of knowledge on the subject matter, she was also very personable and patient, answering any questions I had very clearly and helping me to learn through doing.

Kirstie Harman
Marketing & Social Media Executive, Park Street People