In today’s world of digital overload what marketing activity do you implement to ensure your business makes the best online impact with your customers? Do you have a social media programme in place, a content schedule and run regular email campaigns too? Do you have a website that offers a great customer journey so they stay awhile rather than click away within seconds? How about when they place an order or request more information, what happens next?

All of these activities go a long way to the ultimate goal in marketing – positively engaging with your audience. Regular and, above all, relevant communications in whatever form best suits your market really are an absolute must in the customer driven world in which businesses now operate.

With the advent of social media and feedback sites, such as Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Glassdoor and the like, now being part of everyday life, it is crucial that the way you engage with your customers is positive at every single touch point. It is all too easy for them to publicly show their disappointment if their customer experience is not up to scratch. Online retail experiences, such as those with Amazon for example, have set the bar high.

Implementing regular, targeted communications and driving your customers to a destination where it is easy for them to take the next step will ensure you stand out from the crowd in your marketplace for all the right reasons. However, before you go off and start emailing, tweeting or sharing anything – is this really what they want to read, and is it in a format and media they favour?

The key to truly mastering the art of customer engagement is in knowing them first. Many businesses don’t take the time to do this and often base their customer knowledge on assumptions. Likewise, have you or your staff ever been a customer of your business? What’s the experience really like?

Customer insight done well can be a powerful tool in giving you a competitive edge and ensuring when you do contact your customers and attract, entice and engage them to find out more, you’ll be guaranteed that their experience will hit the spot.

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