As a small business owner, I know your time is precious so creating marketing content can often be a real challenge, especially if writing and visuals aren’t in your comfort zone.

So, making the most of any content that you do produce will take the pressure off a bit, right?

What do I mean by that? It’s time to review it, refresh it, or repurpose it!

All your marketing content should be crafted to engage, attract, and gett those ideal clients you are looking to sign-up for your services to take action!

Here are some ideas to maximise your marketing content and get those sales lead numbers up:

Your Brand

This is way more than just your logo and your colour palette as it should include your tone of voice in your blogs and posts/tweets as well as images, graphics, keywords, straplines, hashtags, and even your use of certain emojis.

All of these should always be consistently reflected no matter what marketing channels you favour – website, social media profiles and content, brochures, advertising, infographics, e-books, video, audio, business cards, online directory entries…..I could go on but you get the gist!

Brand Messaging

With your brand messaging, it’s not about using the same actual words or phrases repeatedly in every social post, blog, or email campaign, it’s more that everything should consistently convey the sentiment of those brand messages.

Used over time, your brand and brand messaging combined will build immediately recognisable content associated with you and what your business offers.

Use a theme

Rather than random, unrelated social content that looks ad-hoc and reactive, choose 2-3 themes for each month so you can cover different elements of your service. This means there is some consistency of message which will give more clarity and have more of an impact on your intended audience.

And you have to remember that not every post/tweet/video you push out is going to be seen by everybody that follows or is connected with you! Having variations of the same message in a month means there is more likelihood that your content will get in front of more people.

Always Add Value

Here are some pointers so your content engages with your ideal client and gets them wanting to know more:

  • Share your knowledge and experience – this builds the all-important ‘Know, Like and Trust’.
  • Focus on how your service solves their pain points and what the pleasure points then are – what’s in it for them?
  • No hard sales pitch and definitely not all about you!
  • Focus on advice, ideas, education
  • Follow the 80/20 rule – 80% adding value and advice and just 20% focused on any kind of ‘soft’ sales.

Repurposing your content

I’ve saved the best for last this time around!

Here are some easy ways to repurpose your content – designed to save you time and give your audience a consistent message across your marketing channels.

So, let’s take the good old blog and see how you can repurpose it.

  1. Create the blog in such a way that you can easily take out sections/paragraphs and sentences and use these as a series of standalone social posts.
  2. Add it to LinkedIn as an article and feature it on your profile.
  3. If you use a software tool like Lumen and link it to your website, when you launch a new blog, it creates a video for you (OK with a bit of time refining the video and adding images, on brand of course!)
  4. Keep this video short enough and you can add it to your stories on different social channels, or in your feeds too.
  5. Load the video to your YouTube channel.
  6. Add the video to your website (Google loves video content on websites BTW).
  7. Use it as the topic for your latest email newsletter – drive traffic to your website/social pages.
  8. Share it in your social groups as a way of engaging with other members.
  9. Create an infographic of the key points.
  10. Package the content and offer it as a freebie download.

Phew! That’s a lot of marketing content, from one single blog.

I hope that’s given you some food for thought, however, if you need some help in getting clarity on your brand or messaging or how best to create content that will get those sales leads coming in, I am here to help.

I offer a FREE 30-minute review tailored to your business and designed to be a fact-packed session to help you review, refresh, or repurpose your marketing content.

Book your review today!

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