The phrase ‘content is king’ is one to take note of, whatever level of marketing your business does. Successful content marketing drives traffic to your website, increases sales leads and engages with your customers which means it is a critical component in even the most elementary of programmes for B2B marketing today. But with more and more of your competitors creating and distributing content, how do you ensure yours cuts through the noise?

One-size-fits-all marketing is no longer going to make you stand out from the crowd, nor will it engage with many of your customers. B2B marketing now needs to reflect the same level of ‘customer journey’ as B2C marketing does. Why you may ask? Because it allows your business to develop ongoing, increased opportunities for targeted, relevant and timely engagement with your customers. They expect you to reach them on the device and at the time and place they choose, connecting with them as individuals with specific preferences, histories, and needs.
The difficulty for many organisations, irrespective of size, is aligning their content strategy with their sales and other marketing activities. Content strategy? Yes absolutely! Even if your content is reserved for a monthly bog and ad-hoc social media posts – you should definitely have one. There is no point in reactive or occasional content being shared without any thought to how that aligns with your business goals. Without this unified focus, questions soon get asked about the volume and variety of content necessary for delivering ROI. However, successful content marketing is not a half hour job done once every few months. Ideally it takes an understanding of your target audiences and regular time invested each month in creating content that will attract, inspire, excite and entice.

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