The key to engaging with your ideal clients is to make your marketing content all about them. By doing this your blogs, social posts, videos and memes will resonate with them and grab their interest to want to know more.

Here’s a couple of scenarios where I see many small business owners falling into ‘Its all about me’ marketing content:

Scenario 1

You’ve launched a new website and shout to the world about it. Most of your potential new clients may not even know who you are so their response is, harshly, going to be, “So what!”

Ouch! I hear you cry, as you’ve just put your heart and soul into this website and its been a total labour of love!

If your content offered some added value that resonates with your target audience, whether they know you or not, they are more likely to want to take a peek at your shiny new site because you’ve focused on how your services can help them resolve a challenge they have right now. If you want more visitors to your site, make sure your marketing content focuses on how a visit to your website will benefit them!

Scenario 2

You’ve invested in new branding and want to show the world as its a big deal for you and your business, right? The response will still be “So what!” At best, from your close business associates, family and friends, “Lovely colours, looks great”, but they are not the ones who are going to buy your services!

For your ideal client, your new brand is not going to do anything to sort their business issues out. So spin the message to show the benefits to them of your investment in new branding – how it has allowed you to focus on a new service/package or streamline existing ones which are designed to save them time/reduce stress, for example.

Focus instead on how your services are going to make them feel – the brand is secondary to that. Your aim is to build know, like and trust and over time they will come to recognise your brand and how it can help them.

Other tips to make your content all about your ideal client:

  1. Have a theme each week for your social posts to gain momentum.
  2. Your visual content should also be chosen to resonate with them – not be chosen because you like unicorns/rainbows/gothic architecture/bonsai growing – you get the gist here!
  3. Always add value, never hard sell. You can add a call to action or a soft promotion but 80% of your content should be focused on adding value not selling.
  4. Keep each piece of content simple and focused on just one subject, so just one clear message or piece of advice in each one.

So there you have it. If you create your marketing messaging and content to engage with your ideal client by adding value and clearly showing how your services can benefit them, every single time, you will get more engagement and raise awareness to the people you want to add to your client list!

Let’s get your messaging fine-tuned and focused on growing your client numbers!

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