For many small businesses, marketing is very much an ad-hoc activity that often gets pushed to one side when other tasks need to take priority.

If marketing, in general, just gives you a sense of total overwhelm or sits firmly outside your comfort zone, I highly recommend starting with a focus on just a couple of marketing activities and put together a simple plan each month so you know what you need to do and when. And book time each day to take action.

Remember, in a small business, any marketing activity does need to be sustainable in the mid to long term, and ideally should become a daily or, at worst, weekly activity on your to-do list.

Less really is more – if you spread yourself too thin – say trying to be active on 4-5 social channels, you’re setting yourself up to fail. This means you see no value in marketing – and that would be a terrible shame!

Whatever marketing activities and channels you choose to use, your messages and engagement should be consistent. Its also absolutely vital that any content you do generate should be tweaked for different channels, for example, never just repost the same content to different social media.

Why not?

Because each one has a preferred style, word count, and a maximum number of hashtags too. Think loads of hashtags on Instagram, but when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s a maximum of 3!

Talking of social media, this is one of the easiest marketing channels to establish as a regular activity within your business. Just focus on 1 or 2 though – avoid the overwhelm that having to engage and show up every day will have if you try for 3, 4 or more!

However, before you go off merrily using Canva to create all that lovely content, what’s the first step in any marketing plan?

Before you start to write that blog, LinkedIn post, email campaign or advert – the very first step is to define your ideal client! (More on that in another blog.)

When I ask any of the small businesses that I speak to who their ideal client is, the majority still say ‘everyone’. My second question is along the lines of “When you start putting together marketing content – who are you aiming to engage with?”

In the world in which we now run our businesses – marketing has got to be relevant and timely for the recipient, so marketing to everyone pretty much means engaging with no-one!

Food for thought?

I hope this blog has given you some food for thought on some new marketing focus and how to manage it. We are getting to the stage in the year when its time to consider your 2021 business goals and marketing should be a fundamental part of achieving those. So time to get over the overwhelm and ad-hoc reactive posting whenever you have 10 minutes and get a simple, manageable, and effective plan in place.

If you need some support in putting together your plan, nailing your ideal client, some training or coaching, or maybe you need someone to manage your marketing to gain some momentum then please do get in touch.

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