Who has the time to be on all social media?

Social media can increase your brand’s visibility, brand loyalty and traffic to your website so, without doubt, it offers a great opportunity to introduce some cost-effective marketing into your business.

However, many small business owners say they are not sure which platforms are right for them, or they have a presence on lots but don’t have time to be regularly active on them so don’t see any return on their investment.

Or it could be that they know which platform they should be on but having the time to get to grips with something new is right out of their comfort zone!

Any of this sound familiar to you? I can simplify social media for your business, identify which platforms are right for your target customers and then develop marketing messages around those. It’s rare that you will have time to be active daily on more than two, so I will work with you to identify which ones are best and then provide the training and support you need to really use them to their full potential.

One very real fact – people spend a vast amount of time online – and this has had a huge impact on how they choose to buy products and services, both as a consumer and when its business related.

Investing in social media means focused, relevant online marketing that will connect with your ideal customers in the right place and at the right time.

I currently offer 3 packages to get you established on LinkedIn and will be offering similar for other social media in the coming months.


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We engaged Emma to provide well written blogs and other online marketing advice. With many years of marketing experience, she was able to quickly understand our business needs and provided a highly flexible and professional service.

Leslie Walters
Managing Director, Arlington Resource Management

I have worked with Emma for some time, in particular on a large bespoke campaign for a client and she was brilliant! Her work was well focussed, timely, very high quality and demonstrated a real depth of understanding and considerable adaptability - all of which helped drive the project significantly. On top of which she is really easy to work with! I would recommend her highly.

John Edwards
Managing Director, 4it Recruitment