How well do you know your customers?

With the emphasis now very firmly on the quality of the customer journey, this is one of the very first questions I will ask you.

Your knowledge of your customers, and who your ideal customer actually is, has a huge impact on the marketing activities I recommend.

For many businesses this knowledge is often based on assumptions or how well they know individual companies and their marketplace and how long they have been active in that market.

For small businesses the ability to better understand your ideal customer – their likes and dislikes, their favoured social media, what they purchase and why – this level of knowledge is often a luxury that sits outside your day-to-day marketing budget.

However, the customer journey you offer is vitally important. This is driven by the immediacy of online marketing and, of course, social media. (Think about your own expectations when researching and making a purchase online.) By having real insight into your customers, you can then engage them with relevant and timely marketing so they want to find out more and ultimately choose to buy your products or services.

To successfully implement marketing to suit today’s customer expectations, you need to know who they are, what they do, in fact as much as you possibly can before you even begin to consider any marketing activity. For example, my ideal customer is a small business owner who knows the importance of marketing but either hasn’t got the time or knowledge to get going with a regular plan or has tried some ad hoc activity and spent some money but seen no results

I offer a cost-effective customer insight service based on tried and tested methods. I design a range of questions to suit your audience, the knowledge you wish to gain and, most importantly, ones that will encourage the best response levels too.


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Emma has an excellent eye for detail, a no nonsense approach to branding and corporate messages and also had a very clear understanding of our specific market, meaning she was able to come up with a marketing concept that worked for us and our team.

Matt Cawood
Managing Partner, Start-up Company
Kathie Higginson