Before you even start to write that blog, LinkedIn post or Facebook advert – the very first step in developing your marketing should be to define your ideal client.


Because today’s marketing has got to be relevant and timely for the recipient, so marketing to everyone pretty much means engaging with no-one!

It’s not easy to do

Many small businesses say defining their ideal client is one of the things that they really struggle with. When I ask any of the small businesses that I speak to who their ideal client is, the majority still say ‘everyone’. My second question is then along the lines of “When you create your marketing content – who are you aiming to engage with then?”

I cannot emphasise enough that you should not do any marketing without first knowing who it is you want to market to!

Even when small businesses do focus on certain client types, they pay it lip service and unfortunately still do not define them closely enough The result is they create social content, write blogs, create memes and videos that just don’t make them stand out from the crowd. What this means is they end up attracting clients that, if truth be told, they don’t really want to work with.

Focus on what you are passionate about in your business

I know the Covid pandemic has put many small businesses into a position where they are challenged to remain in business and some of my suggestions in this piece are going to pushed to one side because you need to generate an income, right now. But is that why you set up your own business – to just exchange time for money with no real joy in the work you do?

Get really niche!

Most small businesses are best suited to serve a narrowly defined market – maybe 2-3 variations of that ideal client and each of those will have lots of common traits. Success lies in being as niche as you can be – so you need to discover who those ideal clients are in the most specific way possible, and then build your entire marketing strategy around attracting them.

How to define your ideal client

You will need to begin by profiling them, this will help you develop your marketing content as you will understand how your services can help them to achieve their specific goals.

  • Pick no more than 1-3 variations of your ideal client – be specific and realistic – they should have many common traits
  • Think about the ones you have loved working with and why
  • Think about when its not been a great experience
  • Focus on how your service/product can help them resolve their pain points – time-poor, stressed, no processes
  • Then focus on how investing in your service/product will make them feel (pleasure points) – calm, organised, free to do things they love
  • Aim for 10 of each of the above points so you have a range of messages to resonate with your target audience
  • Be as targeted as you can be – age, where they live, lifestyle, finance – even give them a name
  • Your marketing content should then be about them – not you!

If you don’t have your ideal client defined as something much more specific than ‘everyone’ then it’s time we had a chat!

I know your time is precious, so instead of you working harder, let’s get your marketing working harder for you.

How I hear you ask?
I offer a specific strategy session around diving really deep into who your ideal client is. We work together over two separate hour-long sessions plus some homework in between to make sure you really nail your ideal client. This allows us to create your Ideal Client Blueprint which includes the words, messages, and empathy that I guarantee will get you that all-important engagement from your marketing activities.

The result? No more tumbleweed when you publish your content!
Marketing stops being something that generates no results and starts being something that helps you get more clients signed up for your services.

Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call for a taster of how I can help you with some tips to get your marketing generating more sales leads. If you like the taster then we can book you in for your Ideal Client Blueprint sessions!