Marketing content should create a swathe of emotion. It should persuade, engage, amuse, and unite. 

Successful marketing content in all its forms is about creating a story and engaging with your ideal customer at an emotional level. It is designed to attract, inspire, excite, and entice. Shared regularly, it will create a whole range of positive reactions, fuel an increase in brand awareness, and support your business growth.

Clients now expect any company, whatever their service, to strike a spark, create a positive reaction, engage with them at a personal level, and only when it is relevant too. It’s a narrow window of opportunity – get it wrong, and you’ll have lost them. If your content does not attract them using words and visuals that they resonate with, then you won’t engage them at all!


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Marketing content should attract your ideal client

Choosing the right words is more of an art than a science, and it is definitely NOT about the hard sell. The skill is in creating marketing content to show you understand your ideal client’s need for your service, rather than just listing the benefits. 

The goal is to be clear about how you can help your clients to solve their business issues. And your content should be consistent, so no matter where they engage with you –  your website, social media, blogs, newsletters, videos, brochures, exhibition materials – they will resonate and want to know more.

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Creating written or visual content does not come easy for many so it quickly goes down the list of business priorities. Take the pressure off and let me do the creative work for you, so you can focus on what you are good at! I can create engaging, relevant, timely and eye-catching content to grab the attention of your ideal client and get them wanting to know more.

If you need help choosing and using words and pictures that work to promote your business and engage with your ideal clients, then I can review your content and tweak it so that it does, or I can take it off your to-do list and create it for you. Either way, your marketing will get a big dose of creative input with some strategy behind it to ensure it gets those ideal dream clients wanting your services! 

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During the period of Emma’s consultancy work for us, our web presence increased enormously – which I attribute largely to Emma’s excellent SEO-enabled website content.

Kathie Higginson, Community Manager, global recruitment company

Her in-depth knowledge of the copywriting world is incredible, she would be the fresh pair of eyes you needed when you wanted someone to go over/create a piece of text or artwork for you.

Sabhia Zahid, Operations Support Executive, SRG UK

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