About Us

‘Us’ is currently Emma Mills, marketing veteran of 30+ years, with a love for artisan G&T’s, regular jaunts to foreign climes and England Rugby! I have a part-time R&D department, aka Sean, whose ideas and support have been invaluable in the creation of FG Marketing, as well as a ‘tried and tested’ network of  marketing-related suppliers. Last, but by no means least, is my office companion, Sergei the border terrier.

We are not the biggest, but we do offer a big old dollop of B2B marketing and commercial experience plus a down to earth approach to making sense of all the marketing options available.

We work with SME’s to global players; target local, regional, national and international audiences; and have experience of implementing successful marketing across most sectors. We take your ideas and goals and combine them with the most suitable activities to suit your business and your budget. It could be the provision of a marketing plan for you to implement right through to a retained, regular marketing resource, as well as anything and everything in between.

We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge and passion for marketing with businesses that have limited or no in-house marketing capability; we often mentor staff to introduce that resource as part of our work. This allows you to see the real value that regular marketing can bring to your organisation in the mid to long term. Everybody wins!

At FG Marketing, our goal is to work with you so that your investment in marketing makes a positive impact on your business. It already has for a range of customers and we are regularly blown away by the feedback we receive from them, as this is what makes our work worthwhile!

Whatever your marketing goals – better brand awareness, a successful event, a new website or regular blog activity, to name just a few – we design and deliver a combination of activities to ensure you achieve those.

Find out more about our storyour services or have a peek at what our customers have to say. If you wish to have a good old fashioned chat about how FG Marketing can support your business, please give us a call.

She's got an awesome sense of humour, a real warm and approachable character and it was no surprise that she integrated very quickly and easily into the business. I'd highly recommend her for marketing projects.

Sean Ennis
Recruitment Consultant, Park Street People

Emma will always be my “go to” person, she has a can-do attitude, a wealth of knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Sabhia Zahid
Operations Support Executive, SRG UK

Emma was just what you needed as a marketing manager - approachable, flexible and always happy to help out or give advice to me. She always came up trumps and always with a smile.

James Windridge
Recruiter & Manager (Midlands, Oxford and South Wales)

She was fantastic answering my many questions and always took the time to explain things to me. Apart from that she's hilarious and a blast to work with! I'd highly recommend her for any marketing projects where she can use her knowledge and creativity.

Monopoly Christiaan-Rakus
Pharmaceutical Recruiter, Park Street People