FG Marketing is me, Emma Mills, a marketing consultant offering planning, content creation and training for the service-based small business community.

With a career in marketing spanning 33+ years, I have worked with small business owners to global players in the UK and overseas. I have planned, created and measured all aspects of marketing & communications, targeting local, national and international audiences across most industry sectors.

Why would you choose to work with me?

I offer a big old dollop of commercially focused experience plus a down to earth, jargon-free approach for service-based small businesses. I work with you to review your marketing and identify the best options to grow your business and then we focus on the planning, content creation, and/or training to support that growth. I offer a simple, easy, and budget-friendly option right through to managing all your marketing stresses for you, if you so wish.

When I am not working I follow my love of exploring the world with regular jaunts to foreign climes with my partner, Sean; I like to try new food & cooking experiences and the occasional artisan G&T; I’m always looking to improve my photography and capture my Border Terrier’s antics for Instagram; and last, but not least, I am a big supporter of England Rugby.

Marketing consultant for service-based small businesses


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What makes me different? 

Many marketing specialists will focus on the strategy & planning, or producing great content or perhaps delivering ‘one size fits all’ training in the ‘how’ rather than covering the why, when, where and what of marketing. I offer the breadth of experience and depth of marketing knowledge to look at the whole. 

My combination of strategic thinking, planning and creative skills allows me to offer you support at every single stage of the marketing required for your service-based business to flourish. We start with your ‘Why’ and identify who your ideal client really is (spoiler alert – it is NOT everyone!).  Only then do we move onto the planning and look at the what, where and when, which includes a review of any marketing you may already have in place.

Then comes the ‘words & pictures; the creation of content that is going to grab the attention of your ideal client and inspire them to want to work with you.

Marketing is key to your business growth!

I love to share my knowledge and passion if you have limited time, knowledge or desire to focus on your marketing. Working with me, you will gain clarity on the real value that regular marketing delivers. Not complicated, not expensive, just simple, clear actions designed to get your ideal clients wanting to sign-up. 

My approach has achieved results for a wide range of clients. Their positive feedback is what makes my work worthwhile! 

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Marketing Planning

Planning covers the strategy which includes defining your ideal customer and the messages to grab their interest. Then and only then can we focus on the what, where and when with a clear, structured plan.


Marketing Planning

I create the ‘words & pictures’ so your marketing immediately gets your ideal customer’s attention. This includes social media, websites, infographics, e-books, animated videos, blogs, memes and more.


Marketing Planning

If you prefer to manage your marketing and want to know how then my training & mentoring will get you there. I offer a choice of  1-2-1, online, workshops and webinars to get marketing firmly in your comfort zone.

Emma was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She greatly increased our marketing portfolio and also our awareness of the need for further marketing activities. She assisted us in multiple areas and the icing on the cake was our Recruiter Award win which Emma wrote the submissions for. I highly recommend Emma to any business looking for assistance with marketing or branding projects!

David Taylor, MD, First Point Group

Emma is a great professional that I can always fully rely on. Happy to work with her on a project basis, she always delivers high-quality work on time.

Great understanding of the market, industry and marketing tools allows her to come up with the best solutions and ideas. Would highly recommend you to work with Emma!

Tamara Schenk, EMEA Marketing Lead, Kelly Services

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Are you ready to find out more? Book a 1-2-1 no-obligation call with me to review your marketing and work out the next steps to attract your ideal client and grow your business.