I am Emma Mills and I help service-based small businesses to grow through a combination of marketing planning, content and training. 

What does that mean for your business? 

We work together to cut through all the marketing ‘noise’ so you know who you want to speak to, what you want to say and where you want to say it.

This will save you a huge amount of time and make sure your marketing gets your message across clearly to the people you want to sell to. The result? They will want to know more and become your customer!

Whether you are just getting started or need a refresh to make sure your marketing hits the spot, I can guarantee you will look at your marketing in a very different light. In a nutshell, lets #MakeMarketingMatter for you and your business.

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If marketing is not your ‘thing’ and you need realistic, open and honest help from someone who truly wants your experience to be both positive and a time of self-development than I cannot recommend Emma highly enough.

Deborah Hale, MD in Recruitment industry

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Strategy & Plan

Marketing Planning

Planning covers the strategy which includes defining your ideal client and the messages to grab their interest and get them wanting to buy. Then and only then can we focus on the how and the where with a clear, structured plan.

Content Creation

Marketing Planning

I create the ‘words & pictures’ so your marketing immediately gets your ideal client’s attention. This includes social media content, websites design & build, infographics, e-books, animated videos, blogs, memes and more.


Marketing Planning

If you prefer to manage your marketing and want to know how then my training & mentoring packages will get you there. I offer a choice of  1-2-1, online, workshops and webinars each designed to get marketing firmly in your comfort zone.

Emma is diligent, proactive, artistic and an utter professional throughout a project’s progress. Her marketing and communications experience is broad, her standards high and her straight-talking yet immensely personable nature always gets the job done.

Jo Anstey, Marketing Manager, Fleet Management

Marketing Tips

Is marketing not getting you anywhere?

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